Who am I?

I have started blogs before. This is where I plan on getting serious about my blogging.

This will not be a mommy blog! (I don’t have kids yet)

This will not be a crafting blog! (Even if I am an avid crafter)

This will not be a travel blog! (I don’t get enough time to travel this beautiful world)

It’s time to expand past these labels. This will be my blog. This will be my experiences of some of the above and more.



My name is Jennifer R. I am a wonderfully blessed woman who has a wonderful boyfriend who is the light of my life and has supported me for a wonderful 4 years. We have a beautiful fur-child, Viva who is a ball of energy and always needs to be the center of attention. Even when I decided to go back to school in my mid-20’s to get my nursing registration he supported me 100%.

I will say it again:

                 I AM SO BLESSED

Two years ago Andrew and I use to live the FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) lifestyle. That was until Andrew busted his knee while at work. After having so many close calls and serious injuries before the age of 30 he decided to call it quits and go back to university himself to study IT. We are working towards a future where we can both support our family from home.

We are both blessed to have amazingly supportive families who have guided us both to make good choices with our lives and have raised us both the be strong and loving.
As I graduate in the upcoming months the next few months of blogs will be entertaining and full of so much joy and stress.

I cannot wait to share my journey with you.

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