Tales from a hopeful Nursing Student

I am loving my studies more and more, even with my moments of weakness. I have been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy this past month and I have come to the realization that my wonderful study partner, Natasha, is a gift.

She is the Meredith to my Cristina.


She is my person.

Today was amazing and has given me the strong belief that I am on the right path to becoming a nurse. My person and I were all set to study at a local coffee club when the woman at the table beside us collapsed. Within seconds I sprang into nurse mode. Calling for my partner I got the woman on the floor in the recovery position placed towels under her head and began taking her vital signs. Natasha began collecting all the things we may need. Information about any medication she was on, medical history, defibrillator (thank god we didn’t need it) while clearing the area and relaying all the information to the operator on the other end of the telephone. It was amazing.

No hesitation. 

No uncertainty in our training.  

No doubt in each other. 

We were great. 

By the time the paramedics arrived she was responsive, her pulse had risen, breathing normal and colour was returning to her face. We relayed all the information to the paramedics, one of which was also a student at our university.  As they wheeled her out, her husband embraced us and nothing needed to be said.

Once the adrenalin had slowed down we finally began out exam preparation for next week. We dominated the next few hours of study. We have this. We will be amazing.

From a Student Nurse,

who is hopeful about the future.

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