#hairsecrets Y’all


The one phrase that I have always loved but never been able to use. At least not without sounding like a complete idiot. Unlike the magnificent Constant “Connie” Britton. 

This woman can do it all. She can act, sing, produce, be a single parent to an adorable adopted son and be a humanitarian. And that hair! Dear lord, I love her hair.   

Everything from her roles in; Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story, Spin City, I am a big admirer of much of her work but none as much as her portrayal of the talented country singer, Rayna Jaymes.  A dear friend of mine shares my passion for Connie Britton and sent me this wonderful video link. 

I don’t classify myself a feminist, more of an equalist for all of humanity but I love the satirical nature of this video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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