USA Y’all

While being snowed under with:

Clinical placement
Two jobs

I have somehow had the time to plan and book our first holiday alone. I am extremely excited to announce that in 3 short weeks we will be jet-setting across the equator to the:


Flying into Los Angeles then off to San Antonio for a weeks road trip around Texas before flying to New Orleans for 6 days. While here we will be taking cooking classes, voodoo tours, down the Bayou and even cemetery tours. After Nola, we will be heading to Las Vegas for some time in the desert. During our stay in Vegas we will be driving out to see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, we have tickets to see the talented Penn & Teller at the Rio. Then back to LA for a day tour out to all the sites, followed by a day at Universal Studios visiting the brand new Harry Potter world.

I can not begin to explain how excited I am to get away from all the stress of work and uni and just get some much needed time away with my man. During the semester we have little to no time with each other as we are both hard at it try to create a better future for ourselves and our future family so this holiday will be everything we need to reconnect with each other.

I will be writing an entry for every day we are away like I did when we went to Vietnam. However, if the internet is not available at the time I may have to post a few at a time. But one will be written each night.

I can not wait to share my travel experience with you all, along with photos. Andrew received a new DSLR camera from his parents for his birthday so you can only imagine the fun we will be having with that while away.

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