Vietnam Flashback: Halong Bay & Junk-Boats

Now that we are days away from flying out I thought it would be a good idea to get myself amped up and have a look at my old travel diaries. Here is another snippet from our 2012 trip to Vietnam.

28th March 2012 (Overcast)
Ha Long Bay

Breathtaking. This is probably one of the most beautiful places we have traveled to soo far. We are currently floating on the ‘Christina Delux‘ in the middle of Ha Long Bay. Surrounded my cliff faces of small islands. It’s everything you see in the movies, but with more boats. Magical is the only word I can think of to describe it. The bus ride out seemed like it was going to last forever, but my god once we got it, I’ll say it again, BREATHTAKING. 

On arrival, we got into a little boat that took us out to the Christina Delux. After taking our bags to our rooms we settled in for an amazing lunch. Then it was back into the smaller boats for some exploring of the ‘Cave of Surprises’. It was a nice start but we didn’t have long before we were back in the boats and off to the ‘Floating village’ where we took kayaks around the islands. We paddled through caves and saw spider monkeys climbing up the sides of the cliffs. After an hour of exploring ourselves, it was back in the other boats and off to ‘Ti Top” island. Andrew, Peter and I climbed to the top leaving the others to drink on the beach below. Looking back now our Sapa trek was a breeze. My legs were aching from all the stairs. 

Once we finally got back on the Christina we had made several new friends from all over the worlds. We showered and joined everyone for dinner and drinks in the main room. After dinner was when the real fun started. With the drinks flowing we all gathered together on the roof and taught our new friends how to play dice. We had an evening full of laughs and drinks with our new found friends. 

Toodles for now

I am beyond excited to start my next travel diary for the USA. Can’t wait to share all our stories and experiences with you.
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