The night before

The night before is always the worst. I will be restless yet excited, nervous yet excited, terrified (of leaving my puppy) yet excited. 

Holidays either bring out the worst or the best in people. I’m a bit of both. Running around barking orders yet trying to do everything myself. I spend so much time organizing and watching packing videos on youtube, that I tend to neglect everything else. But this time, I have been trying to spend as much time with Viva as possible before she goes for her longest sleep-over ever at her cousins Odin’s house. 

Tomorrow is the start of our journey. I feel a bit muddled tonight if you can’t tell by my chaotic writing. All the primping and pampering was done today to make sure I feel ready to go. 

This is just a short entry to say hi to all the family and friends that will be following our journey across the United States of America. Hopefully, I will be writing on this every couple of days with some photos to let you all see our great expedition. 

I can’t wait to see what awaits us on this adventure of a lifetime. I hope you enjoy reading the next month worth of entries almost as much as we will have, experiencing them. Will write again soon. 

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