USA Rad-venture: Long Flights and Market

28th June 2016

To was full of extremely long flights. Normally I have no problem sleeping on transport but I was all out of wack and probably only have 2-3 hours on a 14-hour flight. By the time we got to LAX I was snappy exhausted and in desperate need of a shower and bed. But luckily I was able to sleep on the 2.5hour flight from Los Angeles to San Antonio

It was HELL.

Upon our arrival at the hotel in the rental car we knew, we couldn’t sleep, no matter 3da492d64f9bbbaf624771de7cd219b5how desperately we wanted to. So we showered, got changed and hit the street. We wandered around for about 10 minutes before we stumbled into the quaint little Market SquareThe Market Square was so full of life and color. We found this amazing cafe called MiTierra Cafe & Mariachi Bar. It was more of a restaurant than a cafe, but the food was amazing. The staff was so helpful and eager to chat with us about both our home and theirs. The walls had photos of the family and were so beautiful to see the generations change but still keep the business up and running with the authentic foods of their home. 

We wandered back to the hotel after our amazing feast and just collapsed in the bed. Andrew is asleep beside me at present and I’m sitting on the chair by the window watching the sun go down over the city. Tomorrow we are going to see the Alimo and River Walk along with any other sites along the way. 

Now I must get some sleep so I can get my body clock working properly. 

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