USA Rad-venture: Backroads and Firework Stands

30th June 2016


After leaving our hotel early we decided to go a see a Walmart before leaving the beautiful San Antonio. I was highly underwhelmed. I don’t know what I was expecting but that wasn’t it. It was 13570249_10154034425906622_1837110350_opretty much just a target with groceries. So I was not impressed. So headed to Wendy’s for breakfast before hitting the road. 

We took the back roads out to Median Lake, Texas. We sat on a swing on the hill and looked over the vast lake and hill country below us. It was such a beautiful drive there. We saw wild deer, they look so majestic in their natural habitat. The sky was so big, not all that blue as there were a few clouds today but still big. We pulled up at a roadside fireworks store bought a supply for July fourth. not going to lie we are a bit excited to play with them since they are illegal at home. 

Once we got to Kerrville we found our way to a place called Buzzie’s BBQ. We were told that this place was a must by our car rental company in San Antonio and we were out this way so why not. This place was Texas champion for a show called ‘BBQ Pitmasters‘. When they bought it out on this horrible prison looking trays it looked so unappetizing. It really just looked like a big pile of
slop. But the moment the smell hit my mouth started watering and I knew I wouldn’t be hungry for days. Neither Andrew or I could come close to finishing our plates but we tried our hardest. 

We arrived in Fredricksburg and had to sleep. When we finally awoke we took to the streets looking for some dinner. This is where we found West End Pizza & Co (WEPC). We took it back to our room where we are currently sitting on the bed, eating and watching the last episode of Game of Thrones. 

We will also have to start looking at our plans for tomorrow. Hope you are all still enjoying our adventure in writing. 


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