USA Rad-venture: Swimming holes and BBQ.

2nd July 2016


We had a big day today. Had to head from San Marcos to Wimberley for breakfast before going to their local markets. It was a beautiful little town with a really big market. After walking around the 19-acres market we got back in the car and traveled 6 minutes out of town towards Jacob’s Well.


Painted boots all over town.

This place has been on my buckets list since we talked about maybe going to the states. The photo really doesn’t do it any justice. It was stunning. I want to move there. Just pitch a tent and live beside the Well. YES PLEASE. This would be a perfect life.



Jacob’s Well


screen-shot-2016-07-02-at-10-09-49-pmOnce we got our feet wet it was back in the car and off to a small town called Driftwood, known for its Salt Lick BBQ. I saw this place on Pinterest and the reviews were outstanding. So it too went on the bucket list as well. And my god I’m glad it did. This was the most amazing BBQ I have ever had in my life.


On our way to Round Rock we stopped in at another Wal-Mart for some afternoon drinks screen-shot-2016-07-02-at-10-09-07-pm(super cheap booze) and this time I was mildly pleased. It was a lot more what I was expecting. Lots of white trash. I need to head to bed now and get some sleep cos we are heading out the Belton tomorrow for their annual July 4th of July weekend Gun Show. It should be interesting.



Where our lunch was cooked.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 3.16.13 pm