USA Rad-venture: 4th of July and Austin

4th July 2016


I am currently sitting in the most comfortable bed of my life. I never want to leave it. We are presently in Austin Texas, and it is beautiful. We won’t get a chance to see much of it but what we 13582450_10154047425246622_561862661_ohave seen is really pretty. 

I know I didn’t write yesterday but to be honest we didn’t do much. Just chilled around the hotel all morning before going for a bit of a drive around, Round Rock to see a bit more. In the afternoon we went to Old Settlers Park to watch the fireworks. It was pretty but not as pretty as the Mooloolaba Christmas Fireworks. They will always be my favorite. 

Today we drove 40mins down the road to Austin. We went to an 13644310_10154047425006622_10325746_nAmerican mall and wandered around for a bit before checking into the hotel.  It was massive. Australia has nothing on American Malls.

Then for dinner, we went for Dinner at the hotel. The food was beautiful. We waited for about 2 hours for the bats with no luck. Apparently, they have been a bit on and off the past month so we missed out but still had a beautiful dinner and I think I should have stopped after the wine. But oh well. I should head to bed now as we have an early morning tomorrow with a flight to New Orleans.

A bit excited about that not going to lie. Not long now.

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