USA Rad-venture: Bayou Alligators & the Tremé

I am enjoying this holiday too much and neglecting my blog. So that’s a great thing for me but not the best thing for anyone reading this. So again sorry, but not sorry. I am trying to stay on top


Mapping out the day.

though so I can look back in the future like I do with my travel diary from Vietnam. As you know I still look back at that all the time. Love remembering all the little things.


 Anyone who is going to travel in the future I defiantly recommend writing it down. Love looking back at my memories. It will be amazing in the years to come when the memories begin to fade. I will still have this and my diary to look back on. 


8th July 2016


Not much was done during the day here. Just more exploring. More Hurricanes. More Beignets. A bit of shopping. We walked along the Mississippi. But all in all, we took it pretty easy as we knew we would be having a late night. We came back to the hotel Andrew hit the gym and I swam and 13435682_10154054805581622_1901391958_nsat by the rooftop pool. 

After coming back from the pool we got ready for our swamp tour and headed to a restaurant called ‘Huck Finn’s’ for dinner before being picked up by the bus. I had an amazing Gumbo. Gumbo is a rice dish that originated in southern Louisiana. It is amazingly spicy. 

When we got picked up from the restaurant and drove an hour out to the bayou. Once we got sorted into our groups and got on the boat it was so amazing. The wildlife that surrounded us was so surreal. We watched the bird fly out for the night. We spotted so many alligators. They used marshmallows to draw them closer to the boats. Marshmallows. The funny thing was the gators loved them. Kept coming back for more.

Once the sun set over the bayou we sped further north to murder creek. It was pitch black and so dark when the guide turned the all the lights off. We sat in the pitch black for a few minutes. You couldn’t even see the moon through the trees. Then we started hearing some noises between the trees. When the lights came back on there was a little family of wild pigs right beside the boat. 

It was such an amazing experience. We didn’t get back to the hotel till around midnight. Then it was straight to bed as we had a city tour the next morning.


9th July 2016


This morning we went on a city tour. We went to so many different areas. It was great to see. Starting in the French Quarter, then drove out to the Ninth Ward where Hurricane Katrina hit. It must have been a terrifying experience. We learned that the water not only rose 6 feet but it sat there for over a month. As the majority of New Orleans is well below sea level. 18169871-mmmain

Then we drove to the Tremé. So much of the neighborhood has been so beautifully restored but still, there is so much work to do. We saw some of the X-codes that were used to mark the houses during the aftermath. These searches were completed after the flood water had subsided, so over a month after. The top number is the date the house was searched. The letters on the right ‘NE’ meant that the house was not entered. When the searches were being conducted most of the houses were not entered unless a body/s was spotted through the window. So when several homes were returned to by the owners’ bodies were still found in them months later. The numbers and letters on the left side are the codes of the group that conducted the search. So I’m presuming that you can guess what the number on the bottom meant! The number of dead found on the property, completely heartbreaking. 

Upon leaving the Tremé we went to St Louis cemetery #3. We didn’t spend much time there and we didn’t learn much since we had already completed the cemetery tour a few days prior but it was nice to see another one of the cities of the dead. Then we drove out to the Garden District. My God. The houses out there are so hauntingly beautiful. We saw Anne Rice’s New Orleans home. I could literally picture her sitting on the top porch writing one of her novels being inspired by the old houses surrounded by the beautiful old Oak trees. Creating her new characters based on the people walking down the street. So stunning. 

Then we headed back to the hotel where we spent the afternoon sleeping. We have our last full day tomorrow and there is still so much to do. So it will be full on. Cannot wait for tomorrow. Then after that, it is off to Vegas.

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