USA Rad-venture: American Horror Story & our Vegas Horror Story

Ok Ok Ok. I know. I have been nagged by my mother to get on top of this blog. It kind of went down the toilet a bit when we got to Vegas. It started out way too much stress but ended up just being too full on to write anything. We were getting back to the hotel room and just sleeping. This place is way too tiring. But I have been making a few notes in my handwritten diary so I don’t forget anything. I’ll post 2 a day until I have caught up.

Let’s start with our last day in New Orleans (Nòrleans I am becoming more local).

 July 2016 screen-shot-2016-07-16-at-8-48-08-pm


This morning was chaotic but amazing. We rode the streetcars to the Garden District to see the 

American Horror Story House 

on Jackson Street. Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, I was home at last. It was so big and so beautiful. Exactly like I pictured it from the show. Only a little less Zoe hanging from the top of the gate (fans will know what I mean). They had to take the number off the house, hoping that the tourist would miss it. But I knew what we were looking for. A true fan. We then walked through the district a bit before getting back on the streetcars. It was so beautiful. The houses were so old and well maintained. Some of the most beautiful front garden I have ever seen. It felt like if I was home. Well, could be if I had a spare million or two lying around. 

Once we got back on the streetcars it was off to the 
French Markets. These markets are so old. Something like 200 years old. As it was located at the mouth of the Mississippi it was on high grounds and therefore a perfect place for the Native American’s to come and trade. It was a bit wet so we were grateful that it was all covered. We bought souvenirs and praline and tried Alligator sausages (really great but big and a bit too greasy). screen-shot-2016-07-16-at-9-39-14-pm

 The streetcars were so old and so beautiful. It was amazing to think that a few decades earlier my mum may have ridden the same car. Maybe even sat in the same seat. It was amazing. I just felt so settled riding the cars around the unknown streets. It was weird and yet felt like it was right out of a book. Those books where the character is so run down from work and life and they reach that part of the book where they just feel a calm run over them. That how I felt. I could easily live there. 

After the markets we went to Cafè Du Mondè, they claim to have the best Beignets in the city. Dunno how I feel about that screen-shot-2016-07-16-at-9-37-47-pmbut they were pretty damn good. 

We went back to the hotel after Cafè Du Mondè, to relax a bit before our Steamboat ride down Old Mis (Mississippi). We had booked in the previous day to do a dinner and jazz cruise on one of the oldest boats still cruising the Mississippi. It was amazing when we got there I drank Pimms Cups (love me some Pimms) like they would have during the prohibition. It was so surreal. The music was what I had wanted to hear the whole time we were in Nòrleans, yet all we could hear was hip-hop and pop music apart from one busking band on Bourbon street our first night. I will not lie I was disappointed with the music until we got on the boat. It felt fitting that both our first and last night we heard real music. We experienced real culture. I was in love. screen-shot-2016-07-16-at-9-38-22-pm

We got back to the hotel room and just crashed out. It was like 12:30 pm and we had an early flight to Las Vegas, so we needed all the sleep we could get.


11th July 2016 


So today was hell. I am not going to lie. I felt like Vegas just didn’t want me. We arrived so excited and ready to party but Vegas had other plans for us. We reached at the Flamingo Hotel (one of the oldest hotels in Vegas) at around 3:30 p. We checked in at the counter and went up to what was supposed to be our room. We opened the door and walked in on a family in our room. Ok, well that could have been worse I guess. We walked back down to the lobby and told them, they then proceeded to tell us that two Jennifer Richardson’s had booked into the hotel. We waited for another 30 minutes before they told us that our booking had been canceled.


 Ok. What do we do now you ask? Well, Jen being shitty and tired started raising her voice (mum you know the tone). I was not impressed. Andrew, on the other hand, kept calm the whole time, like always. You could tell he was annoyed but he kept his cool. We were then told, by the Manager (he was a rude moron who didn’t even know his own policies) that we should go across to the Linq and book in there for the night. I was too angry to argue so we did. 

I got in touch with my amazing cousin/travel agent who, on her day off, rang around and was as angry as I was. She was amazing. I was upset, wanting to cry and yell and scream and ready to just call it quits and fly home. I had had enough. Leah on the other had had it all sorted by the next day. As soon as they opened she was on top of it. Couldn’t love her, or anyone else, more at that moment.

Needless to say, it was not a good start to our Vegas trip. But We will not let it beat us. We will make Vegas our B*tch. We will enjoy it no matter who tries to ruin it. That I can promise.

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