Personalizing​ my Kikki-K Planner

I posted previously about my love for the Kikki-K planner, this then led to a day spent in my sunroom with two girlfriends and our planners. We spent a delightful afternoon making our own dividers and personalising them to suit our personalities. Here is a list of things we used:



Kate Spade paperclip.

Coloured/printed paper
Page holders

Lots of time was spent on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Pinterest is always great for an inspiration hit. Anything you need. If you don’t have an account maybe you shouldn’t start now. It’s a real addiction problem. Here are some of the other blogs we got ideas from;

   For creating our own folders we used ‘Strange & Charmed: for your quirky life

   For creating our own dividers we used ‘Gav+Ro: a highly caffeinated DIY mama

Here are some photos of my newly personalized planner. I love that I now look forward to opening it each day, to find my list of chores for the day. Having it look pretty makes you want to open your planner. It leaves you with a feeling that organization doesn’t have to be simple and dull. It can be fun and full of colour.

For other ideas I have added the link below, this will take you to my Pinterest Board for loads of other fun and creative ideas for your own planners.


Hope you have enjoyed my post about brightening up your planner.

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