Progressive dinner at Eat Street Markets

Est. Nov 2013, foods from around the world. Each vendor was set up in converted shipping containers along the Hamilton Wharf. Walking into a wonderland with fairy lights to light up the night and the most wonderful smells dancing in the air.

I have wanted to go to the Eat Street Markets for a while now. Last night was my first experience. We attended the markets with my dear friend Ellyce and her boyfriend Anthony. It was magical.

We agreed upon arrival that we were going to have what we called a ‘Progressive Dinner’ as we wanted to try as much as possible. For those who are unaware, a progressive dinner where each person takes turns of choosing an item from various vendors and sharing with the group. We found this was a great way to try several different types of food rather than just having our own dinner. We also were able to try foods that we otherwise never would have.


Chicken & Lamb Sliders.

Koma Sliders

Chicken sliders – 3/5

Lamb sliders – 4.5/5

Honey Puff King

Nutella Honey Puff – 4.5/5



Chocolate & Vanilla Cannolis

Jake & Elle’s Kitchen

Chocolate Cannoli – 2/5

Vanilla cannoli – 2/5

Dumpling Envy

Chicken Dumplings – 3/5


The Doughnut Bar


Doughnut-cone & Ferrero Ice Cream

Doughnut-Cone – 2.5/5 (the cone had just a bit too much sugar on them)

Ferrero Ice Cream – 5/5

Japanese teppanyaki

Teriyaki chicken skewers – 3/5

16809092_10154661365966622_1368409304_nGinger Beer

Ginger beer – 5/5

 Mobile Mocktails

Passionfruit and Coconut – 3/5


Moreton Bay Bugs & Chips.


Catch & Kiss

BBQ Moreton Bay Bug – 4/5

Chips – 3/5

American BBQ

Sothern Style Chicken Wings – 3/5

The food was amazing and the company was even better. This may become a monthly outing for Andrew and myself. Such a great atmosphere (even with so many people) and the food, AMAZING.

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