USA Rad-venture: Timeshare & the Canyon

This blog has been a long time coming (at least 6 months now) and I know that my mum of all people will be glad to see that I am finishing my USA travel blog. I wrote notes down about each day. Things i didn’t want to forget. So they won’t be as descriptive as the previous USA blogs but I hope this keeps you entertained until I can get the next one up.


14th July 2016


Today we got suckered into a timeshare breakfast. I’m not going lie it was a nice ride out, we got to see a bit more of Sin City. It was kind of interesting. We (in Australia) see these timeshare things as a bit of a con and they are always all over the TV shows that coming in from the States. To be honest the best part was the $100 gaming credit and the air con. God, it’s hot here. And such a dry heat.

After the morning oh so exciting morning out, we headed for lunch at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen.img_0302 The food was amazing. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich. I have never had such an amazing sandwich in my life. And the chips were amazing. They were all cut differently (you can kind of see them in the photo) and cooked to perfection. As per usual cocktails were to follow.

After lunch we went up the room relaxed for a bit then decided to hit the pool. It was pretty crowded so we had a bit of a swim a drink and then headed back to the room for some more relaxation before dinner.

 Didn’t do much today as tomorrow we have a big one.




15th July 2016


There are no words to describe the sheer enormity and pure beauty of the Canyon. This post will be more photos than dialogue as I have no real words to describe the magnificence.  

Early morning start. We met the bus at the Planet Hollywood sign and drove for a good 4 hours out to the Hover Dam to start with. I have seen it in so many movies but the size of it was mind-blowing. dsc00432-2

The Hoover Dam (once Boulder Dam) took 5 yearsthumb_img_0396_1024-1 to be constructed and was completed in 1936. 

The dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam used to draw power. According to our tour guide if the Dam ever broke over half the lights in Vegas would shut down. An estimated 96 men died during the construction.


I have no Idea what to write about the Canyon. I just can’t begin to explain the vast beauty. So here is a bunch of photos.


This wonderful day would never have taken place without the love and support from the McIntyre family. This was Andrew’s 30th Birthday present and he loved every moment of it. As you can see. It was hard for him to not smile in every photo, as he spent most of the day smiling. So thank you. We love you guys so much. This post is dedicated to you. 

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