How to make: Flash cards you will use.


Some people love them.

Some people hate them.

I personally LOVE them and find them extremely useful. I have a great study group and we love going through them. I love making them. I feel that I can grasp a certain amount of the information writing it out. But the fun part is when you introduce new cards to your study group.

Here is my how-to guide for flash cards. 

Things you will need:dsc00819

  • Index Cards (assorted colors for different subjects)
  • Quality Pens and/or Markers
  • Bulldog Clips  (if you wish to keep your weeks separate)
  • Textbooks

The how-to construct, the cards themselves is pretty simple. Questions on one side. Answers on the other side.dsc00823-1

The hardest part is finding what to write. Each Sunday I read of my syllabus what we part of the ‘human body’ (or whatever subject you are creating them for) we would be focusing on that week. I skipped the whole chapter and went to the

Chapter Summary.

It covered the basics and then I could add to the week’s cards throughout the week. This way I had a basic idea of what we were studying and as I completed my readings and attended my lecture (or watched them from the comfort of my own couch) I could expand on the basic knowledge I already had.

I also found some other amazing websites that gave me some questions that I hadn’t thought of. I found they were great to just go over some different questions when I was studying alone. The website I found most useful was


All you have to do is search your topic and it will bring up numerous quizzes on just about any subject you can think of.


It took me nearly my entire degree, to find out what kind of study works best for me. Well, at least I can go back and add my midwifery component to my qualification with a better understanding of how I study best.

I hope this helps you all in some way or another.

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