Telling your grandparents

27th March 2017

Tonight we told your Granma and Grandad tonight.

We were supposed to be having a quiet family dinner with Granma and Grandad but silly Granma invited one of the neighbors. I had to wait until Kay left before I could tell them the amazing news. I sat there quietly all through dinner without saying a word. This is not an easy task for your Mama little one.Telling Grandents

I told them I had learned a card trick while on placement and wanted to show them. But really the surprise was sitting in their cutlery drawer. I had the cutest little teaspoons made up with ‘we’re pregnant on the handle. Grandad was the first to see it. It took Granma a few seconds. I don’t remember ever seeing so much joy in your Granma’s eyes. Granma cried then I got teary. Grandad couldn’t stop smiling, this was the same for your dad.

Before you even have a proper heartbeat you are already so loved. You will bring so much joy to the world. Now to tell Nana Pink and Mac about your existence this weekend.

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