First Ultrasound

Mini Mac

You will not believe how emotional our day was today. We have anticipated the day where we would get to see you and hear your little heartbeat. We were not disappointed.IMG_0530 You jump around and danced for daddy and I. I couldn’t help but cry when we heard your healthy little heart beating so fast (152 bpm). Daddy held my hand the whole time, he was excited as I was, I could see it on his face.

We can not wait to see you again, and we don’t have to wait as long this time. Our next scan will be only in the next 6 week (19 weeks scan). But before then we hope to feel your little kick and we get to see you growing inside my tummy. We will be able to start telling everyone about your expected arrival now. Daddy made me wait until we knew you were healthy. And now we know.


Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 3.15.47 pm