Touched my soul

I have recently read some of the amazing work of Rupi Kaur, ‘Milk and Honey’. I had 2f00d44d8f4c654a817383586044a6b4read so many different reviews on it and I was in a bookshop the other day and it was screaming at me. I had seen it before but had so many other things to read. But the other day I saw it and I had to have it. I don’t know why.

This book broke me. I cried more times than I would like to admit and I can’t blame it all on the hormones. It is such a beautiful book. One poem, in particular,  made me think of my childhood. Reminded me of my dad and how he loved not only all his children but how much he dotes on my mother.

Being pregnant myself I feel it resonated even deeper than a simple memory. I read this poem over and over again, and still, it brings a tear to my eye. I recommend every woman should read this book. It is astounding on so many levels.


When my mother was pregnant

with her second child, I was four

I pointed at her swollen belly confused at how

my mother had gotten so big in such little time

my father scooped me up in his tree trunk arms and

said the closest thing to god on earth

is a woman’s body, it’s where life comes from

and to have a grown man tell me something

so powerful at such a young age

changed me to see the entire universe

rested at my mother’s feet

– Rupi Kaur-