Moving Day

I have spent the last few weeks packing everything up from our first home together. It’s been a lot harder than what I thought. We spent the first 6 years of our relationship living in this sweet little 2 bedroom flat and we have had roommates come and go but it has always remained our home.

We may only be moving 100mt away but this drafty 2 bedroom flat with the horrible hot water system will always be our first home. And I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

We will be moving into my childhood home (thanks to your amazing grandparents) and when you come home from the hospital your nursery will be what use to be my old room.

One thing I will say is moving when pregnant is really hard. I’m trying to do stuff but your Dad and Grandma keep telling me to take it easy and not lift anything too heavy so it’s been a bit of a slow process and I have felt a little bit useless at times. But we go there.

Tonight will be our first night in our first FAMILY HOME. I know it’s still a few months away but I can’t wait to bring you home.


Goodbye Mons Mari, you were a great first home.

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