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Tasmanian Dream: Day 4

Tuesday 15thJanuary, 2019

After having spent the night at Devonport, we got on the road and headed to Cradle facetune_21-01-2019-16-22-33Mountain today. Can’t believe tomorrow is the big day. It has come up so quickly.

We stopped in at Tasmazia along the way. This cute little place was off the beaten track a little but was worth it. It consisted of a huge Maze that took you to all these different facetune_21-01-2019-16-21-52areas. There was a little village and the worldwide embassies in miniature form. Millie loved them the best. There was more lavender, a spook house, balance maze, cage maze all within the maze. Then at the very center was the teddy bears cottage. Millie had a ball walking around and spotting Paddymelons amongst the bushes.

Then back in the car for the last 30-minute drive to the mountain. Such a beautiful drive up. Before we checked into our Cabin we popped into the Devis @ Cradle to see the Tasmanian Devils. They were amazing to see.img_1081

Then we checked in to our cabin. It was beautiful. A 5-minute walk from the lodge itself. Surrounded by the most beautiful greenery I have seen. We even booked in for a little downtime in the spa just Andrew and I. We decided we were going to do a quick walk along the King Billy track to try and find the perfect place to say I do. The further I walked the more the beauty of this place took my breath away.

Andrew and I dropped Millie off with his parents and we headed to the spa. We had champagne and chocolate coated strawberries. We sat in the sauna, then the ice pool then the heated spa that was open to the elements and looked over the river and mountains. I even got a chance to lie on the bed and write my vows for tomorrow.

We met Andrews parents in the lodge for dinner. Then headed back to our cabin for our first night in true luxury. No WIFI. No reception. No TV. I could not be happier to be so isolated from technology for the next few days. It will let Andrew and I spend some quality time together before the big day.

Can not believe that we are getting married tomorrow. Now I have to try and sleep.

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