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Tasmanian Dream: Day 6

Thursday 17thJanuary, 2019

Today was a quiet day. We checked out of the cabin after breakfast and headed towards Strahan for Lunch with everyone. Stopping at a few small towns along the way and even checking out the Tasmanian Historic Museum in Zeehan. Millie loved the stairs and the trains the most.

We stopped at the local pub in Strahan for lunch with everyone then back in the car for another 2 hours. We popped in to check out the Wall at Derwent Bridge. It was a gallery, created by Greg Duncan, the contained the most amazing wooden carvings I have ever seen. It took both Andrews breath and mine away. I recommend it to anyone who is in the area. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.

Then back in the car and out to Bronte Park for the night. So much driving today. Not looking forward to having to get back in the car tomorrow but will be for half the amount of time, thank goodness.

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