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Tasman Dream: Day 8

Saturday 19thJanuary, 2019

Today we explored Hobart. Starting with the stunning Salamanca Markets. They seemed img_1193to go on forever. They had everything. I’m not going to lie Andrew and I started our Gin tastings a bit earlier than usual (9am).

Then Andrew and I went back to the room to let Millie have a sleep and let us have a bit of relaxing time. I fell asleep for a good hour. Then we took to the streets again for some more exploring.

We had a lobster lunch at the pier then a walk through img_1182the park. We met everyone at Lark for a drink and then back to the dock to grab some dinner from the boats along the water. They stuffed up our order but it was still a good night and the food was pretty good.

Heading to bed now for an early night before our big day tomorrow at Port Arthur. It should be amazing.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 12.21.14 pm