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Cold Season in the McIntyre house.

Cold Season is well and truly upon us.

Our household has been fighting for health for nearly a month now.

I thought I would do a blog for what we do to fight back. Being a nurse I know that an untreated cough can turn into a chest infection pretty quickly. So here are our top 5 must-haves to help fight back during this flu season. Hope this helps relieve some of the pain and stress that comes with these illnesses.


  1. Snotty Aspirator

Every house that has a baby or toddler needs a snotty. When Millie is sick or has a runnyIMG_4368 nose my first worry is her breathing. And this last week Millie has been so congested. Normally when she sleeps I would find myself checking her breathing every 10-15 mins but with the Snotty I don’t have to worry. This nasal aspirator is a dream. Her breathing settles down so quickly after each use. I would use it every 2-3 hours when she is really runny, or about to have a sleep, but I found Millie always going up to the draw where we kept it pointing and saying ‘More’.

When we first received it in the mail I was told to let her have a play with it so when it came to using it she didn’t have a fear of it. Best advice ever. This product will be one of the first things I recommend to any first-time parent. Parents dread that first illness their little one gets, but I personally think that with the help from the snotty your little one will be on the mend in no time.


  1. Wilde Blends

I have so many of these oils but the ones that help us during cold season are; Sleepy, Immune, Wilde Winter Chesty Rub, Uplift.

IMG_4657Sleep: Obviously helps you and your little one get some much-needed rest.

Immune: This one helps boost your Immune system to fight back.

Wilde Winter Chesty Rub: Helps support your respiratory system and helps lessen congestion with its amazing eucalypts and tea tree scent.

Uplift: This one always makes me feel happier. I feel it’s just that little boost I need when I am feeling so run down.


  1. Antibacterial Mouth wash

It’s a little known fact that the only way the flu can enter the body is through the mouth, nose or throat. Every time I get a cold I get a sore through and half the time they turn into Tonsillitis for me. So gargling with antibacterial mouth wash or saltwater is super important to try and keep my throat clear and kill as many of those horrible little germs as possible.IMG_4654


  1. Cold & Flu medication

This one is a given. I’m a nurse, of course, I believe in medication. We always have some in our first aid kit so at the first sign on a cold we get on top of it straight away.


  1. Fluids, Fluids & more Fluids.

I am a true believer that Water and lots of it should be a big part of everyday life (even though I’m always forgetting to drink it) but when sick it’s even more important. I always say to people flush a cold with fluids.  When you have a runny nose or the sweats that come with a fever it’s so important to rehydrate. It’s also a proven fact that fluids help loosen mucus and relieve congestion. It doesn’t always have to be water either; fresh orange juice is a great way to get some extra vitamin c into your body as well.  It’s recommended that you drink roughly 2Liters a day. But please don’t overdo it as that can lead to Hyponatremia; low levels of salt in the blood.


I hope this list helps you get through those horrible days and nights.

And if in doubt, please see your local GP. There is nothing in this world more important than your health and the health of your little one.

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