Tasmanian Dream: Day 3

Monday, 14th January 2019

Yet another amazing day exploring beautiful Tasmania with our family.

facetune_14-01-2019-15-21-52After a quick and easy check out of our hotel, we started our day by exploring the beautiful Cataract Gorge (Andrew, Millie & myself).

Nothing but us, blue skies and new adventures.

The gorge was stunning. We did the short Suspension bridge walk, as Millie insisted on walking most of the way. We saw Pademelons (small wallabies) and peacocks. Millie loved the Pademelons so much. During our walk in the bottom of the gorge, we even found Scottish Thistles. I thought it was a sign. Andrew thought I was nuts. But our hotel in Launceston was DIRECTLY opposite a Bagpipe museum. If these aren’t signs that I am meant to marry my Andrew McIntyre then I don’t know what it. But to be completely honest (and kinda sappy) I’ve known with all my facetune_14-01-2019-21-27-45heart & soul that I was meant to marry him.

After the gorge, we headed to a beautiful little Swiss village called Grindelwald (yes, like the villain in Fantastic Beasts). It was stunning (as you can tell for the picture). Here we met up with both Andrew and my parents for a quick morning tea and look at a few of the little shops. Then we headed down the road to pick up some local roadside cherries before we headed out to Sheffield.

We decided (well our GPS decided) that today was the day for back roads. It was amazing to see a different side of this state than just the highways.

We were going to have lunch in Sheffield but no one was facetune_14-01-2019-15-45-44hungry so we so we had a look around at some of the shops. One of the antique shops had an old piano out the front that was meant to be played and Millie loved banging on it. She had so much fun. Just like her little one at home but bigger. We also had a look at the glass blowing and a marble maker. It was fascinating to watch.

Once we had done the rounds of Sheffield we got back in the car and headed out to Devon port for the night. We had dinner at a sushi restaurant and then took a little bit of a drive around town then called it for an early night.

Tomorrow we check in to Cradle Mountain Lodge for a few nights of luxury and our wedding. Can not believe how fast it has come up. Will keep you all posted as we draw in yet another day closer.

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Tasmanian Dream: Day 2

Sunday, 13th January 2019

I thought yesterday day was full on today was so much worse.

Started with a short walk through town to grab a much-needed coffee then back to the car and on the road out to Bridestowe Lavender farms.



The only word I can think of to best describes it. Row upon row upon row of blossoming lavender. The sounds of bees buzzing all around. The rolling mountings. Such beauty can only be experienced. I can’t explain it in words and I don’t feel the pictures do it justice.


facetune_13-01-2019-15-34-04We also tried their Lavender ice cream. It tastes like vanilla with subtle Lavender but left a stronger Lavender aftertaste. Was so good.

After an hour or so of walking the fields, we got back in the car and headed out to a few vineyards (Pipers Brook & Jansz) for some wine tasting (we found the wine for our wedding). Pipers Brook had a free campground right next to the vineyard and out the front the had this little area where you could buy a glass or a bottle of wine and go sit and listen to music. They had tables and chairs and beanbags and picnic blankets. It was such a great idea. At Jansz, we sat in the open room with big windows and looked out over a little pond as we tasted our wines. They were both beautiful img_0948experiences but both completely different.

Then back in the car and out to Hillwood Berry farms. Millie loved walking through the rows of strawberries seeing how many she could fit in her mouth at one time. We picked our own Strawberries, Blueberries, and raspberries. So Millie will have lots to snack on over the next week.


When we got back to Launceston we had a bit of a relax before we took to the streets again to see the City Park and Gardens and then headed to dinner with Andrew’s parents.

Tomorrow we will be back in the car and out to see so many more new things that I can not wait to share with you all.

So until tomorrow.

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Tasmanian Dream: Day 1

Saturday, 12th January 2019

We are sitting in the heart of Launceston, the time is 7:51 and the sun is showing no signs of setting. I am so glad the Queensland doesn’t have daylight savings.

Today has just been go since we got out of bed. Ok, I’ll be honest it’s been all go, all week. What can I say I’m a mum of a toddler and had to pack for not only our first family holiday but our wedding. This week has been full of hair, nail, brow appointments. Making sure everything we could possibly need is packed and cleaning the house, so we can then go home to a clean house. img_0876

Today it all came together.

I was more nervous about flying with Millie than I was our wedding, but as usual, she was on her best behavior. Full of smiles for anyone who would give her a drop of attention and as always full of kisses for mummy and daddy. She even managed to get in a bit of a nap. I still have to pinch myself when it comes to Millie, how did we end up with such a well-behaved baby?

Once we landed we picked up our car and drop 20minutes down the road to Launceston. Andrew and I were both a little disappointed. We did expect it to be more green. In saying that we didn’t get to see much countryside before we arrived in the city. Once we had checked in we had a very late lunch and then had a bit of a walk around town. But to be honest we were a bit too tired to do any real exploring.

Tomorrow will be completely different. We will be heading out into the country to go and see Bridestow Lavender Farm and Hillwood Berry Farm. We will even be stopping in at Pipers Brook Vineyards, in Tamar Valley, for a sneaky little taste test (remember I have to drive), while we try and find the perfect wine for our wedding.

Time for bed for us now, even though the sun is still up.

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Getting Closer to Christmas

Being Millie’s first Christmas where she will be interacting (last Christmas she was 3 weeks old) I am loving the lead-up. We have already done two Christmas shoots and I still have so many more ideas I want to try.

Here are a few from the shoots we have already done.

‘Merry & Bright’ onesie: Piper Bug

‘Pixie’ floral headband: Gracie Jane Designs

‘Australian Christmas’ Romper & Red Bow: Two of Four

‘M’ Christmas Wreath: Made myself

Lights: Kmart (who doesn’t love Kmart)

Hope you are all getting on top of your Christmas shopping early like we are. To be honest we have to be as Millie’s first birthday is only a few weeks before Christmas. Then the Wedding is a few weeks after. Organisation, is key for this chaotic time of year.

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Creating clean habits​

Having a clean house is important to me but unfortunately, we don’t always get a chance to clean up. Here are a few things we do each day to make our household that little bit less chaotic.

  1. MAKE THE BED – first thing I do every morning is make the beds. I don’t know why this one is so important to me. Maybe because even if I do nothing for the rest of the day (depending on Millie’s mood) I can say I did the bare minimum. Andrew gets up with Millie most mornings (when he’s not a gym) letting me sleep a little longer. Before I even leave our room I make our bed. I love getting into a made bed each night. This can only be made better by getting into a bed with fresh sheets (be still my beating hearts). Then Millie’s bed gets made on the way downstairs.
  2. DISHES – Andrew normally does the dishes in the morning and the evening. I love a clean kitchen, but I never get a chance to clean it. Those few time I do get a chance, everything is done. Windows, benches, cupboards. I start and just can’t stop. But I am so grateful when Andrew washes the dishes and wipes the benches.
  3. SHOES OFF – As soon as you walk in the door shoes come off in this house. Saves on vacuuming and since everything is going in Millie’s mouth at the moment this is a lifesaver. Plus the dirt up Buderim is red. I mean RED, RED. And since we have light carpets in the lounge room and bedrooms it’s a bit of a much.
  4. WASHING – We are lucking in our house as we have a laundry shoot in our bathroom, so I make a point each day to pick up the cloths from our hampers and throw then down the ‘shoot’. Even if I don’t get to put a load on every day, all the washing is in the same place and I’m not running up and down the stairs making sure that everything is there. I also don’t like the washing hanging on the back veranda too long. When in the kitchen you look straight out the window onto it and it makes me feel a little cluttered.
  5. CLEAN THE LIVING ROOM – Once Millie is down Andrew or I put everything back where it belongs. Toys in draws, pillows on couches, etc. I know it’s going to be a chaotic mess the next morning but I always feel a bit more accomplished when I know I am going to bed with a clean loungeroom. I also pick up and put things back where they belong when Millie has her naps during the day. When you walk in our house the lounge is the first thing you see, so I feel it needs to be at least somewhat presentable even to only create the illusion of a clean house.

Most people say don’t procrastinate when it comes to cleaning. However in my case when I procrastinate cleaning is the first thing I do. Just one of my habits I picked up when I was studying at university. Made it hard to get assignments done but at least the house was clean.

Hope this one has given you a minor glimpse into our cleaning time. The biggest thing I can say is; There will be days where your house is completely trashed, don’t judge yourself over these days cos we all have them. Just remember your house is your child/rens home, don’t make it a display house. Let the kids make a mess. It’s all about having fun and spending time with them. That what they will remember. The time spent making memories, not the mess.

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Wedding Plans

Well, it’s all booked.







It’s all booked. If you read my previous post a while back you could tell I was not enjoying planning our wedding. I just wanted it over with. But we found (well Andrew found) an amazing company that plans it all for you. Tracey from Pop Up Weddings Tasmania has been a dream to deal with. She has made the planning so simple and stress-free. Sending us links for photographers to choose from, Sorting out flowers, cakes, dinner bookings, hotels, etc.

I have my dress (just need alterations). Andrew knows what kind of suit he wants. And I just have to order Millie’s dress from the amazing Poppy Harper the label. We picked up our rings the other day. It’s all go. Needless to say, we are now excited about our big day.

No stress. No hesitations.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 12.21.14 pm


Photo shoots with kids

For every photo that makes the cut, there are 100’s that don’t. For any full-time child photographers, my hat comes off to you. Seriously how do you do it? And those that do family photography how do you get everyone to look at the camera and smile. Getting a decent photo fo our family I have given up on.IMG_2799

I did some early Christmas photos the other day (Romper & Bow from TwoofFour), and while yes I got a few that I can use most of them turned out like this ——————————————>

Or blurry. I shouldn’t complain too much but seriously kid, why?

On the plus side, this Mama is getting out the house tomorrow with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Dinner and wine. After the last few weeks of job interviews (didn’t IMG_2808-2get them) and a sick teething baby, constant rain and a fiance that has been snowed under with his studies.

I need a night to just reset and refresh. To put some nice clothes on and go out and have a nice dinner without a highchair and adult conversations. but let’s be honest we are both Mama’s so the conversation will probably rotate around our kids.


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