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Rose Water/Hydrosol DIY

I love using natural skincare.

IMG_5084There is no two ways about it. I hate the idea of using chemicals on my skin. So for a while now I have been shopping for my skincare through some amazing Australian made stores that provide chemical-free skincare. Mikash and Rustic Peppermint have some amazing facial oils that I just can not live without. But with the dryer months coming up I wanted to expand into some of the floral Hydrosols.

For those of you that are asking ‘What the hell is Hydrosol?’ It’s so simple. It’s flower water. They are similar to essential oils but more diluted. Depending as to what you want it for you chose a flower that has the properties that you need, soothing, facial toner, rehydrating spritzer, even as a body spray.

Today I will be making Rose Hydrosol for those upcoming hot days. It is both hydrating and nourishing for the skin. It also leaves you feeling cooler and refreshed, and let’s be
honest who doesn’t want that fresh feeling in Summer.


  • IMG_5079Stove top
  • Heavey bottom pot with lid
  • Steamer (if you don’t have this you can you a small glass/ceramic bowl)
  • Small bowl for water collection.
  • Petals for 6 fragrant Roses (chemical-free) (or whatever flower or herb you are using)
  • Water
  • Ice (and a tone of it. I have also used the Ice bricks for eskies)

How to:

Place the small collection bowl into the steamer (if you do not have a steamer place one
bowl upside down and the other on top of it
). Place the petals (or herbs) in the bottom of the pot and fill with water. Place on the stove and bring to boil on a high heat.

Once it begins to boil place the steamer on top of the pot and put the lid on upside down (this will allow the condensation to gather and run to the center where the collection bowl should be waiting to gather the goods) and turn the heat down to a low-medium.

IMG_5083Not that the water is boiling you can place the ice (ice brick) on top of the lid. This assists with the condensation process. The more of a dome that your lid has the easier it will be for the condensation to run to the middle and fall into the collection pot. If you are using ice and not a brick I highly recommend putting the ice in a zip lock back, as you will be replacing it as it melts. Make sure you have a fair amount of ice on hand as you will need to replace it as it melts. this can take up to 5 bags of ice (depending as to how long your water takes to boil down). If you are using Ice bricks I have 3 frozen ice bricks on hand and turn them over every 20 mins.

Now all you have to do is sit back let it simmer. I recommend checking it every now and then to make sure you don’t burn the bottom of your pot (Yes I have done this). Continue replacing the ice until the water has almost completely boiled out or until you have the desired amount.

Carefully remove the collection bowl which should now contain the hydrosol and let it IMG_5101cool. Once it has cooled you can pour it into a glass jar and store it in the refrigerator. I use these spray bottles from amazon as they make it super easy to just spritz on your face when needed.

I also add a few sprigs of lavender as well to help reduce inflammation. But this is just a personal touch that I add. You can try so many different flowers and herbs to suit your needs.

Shelf Life can vary a little. I have had bottles that have lasted 3 weeks and I’ve had bottles that lasted 4 months. I always store it in the fridge. This helps keep it nice and fresh, also the cold helps with skin inflammation (so win, win). You will know when it ‘turns’ due to the smell or begins to ferment.

I hope this tutorial has helped you. along your path to creating some wonderful hydrosols. We will be experimenting with some homemade facial oils over the next few months so keep an eye out for our how-to guide.

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Cold Season in the McIntyre house.

Cold Season is well and truly upon us.

Our household has been fighting for health for nearly a month now.

I thought I would do a blog for what we do to fight back. Being a nurse I know that an untreated cough can turn into a chest infection pretty quickly. So here are our top 5 must-haves to help fight back during this flu season. Hope this helps relieve some of the pain and stress that comes with these illnesses.


  1. Snotty Aspirator

Every house that has a baby or toddler needs a snotty. When Millie is sick or has a runnyIMG_4368 nose my first worry is her breathing. And this last week Millie has been so congested. Normally when she sleeps I would find myself checking her breathing every 10-15 mins but with the Snotty I don’t have to worry. This nasal aspirator is a dream. Her breathing settles down so quickly after each use. I would use it every 2-3 hours when she is really runny, or about to have a sleep, but I found Millie always going up to the draw where we kept it pointing and saying ‘More’.

When we first received it in the mail I was told to let her have a play with it so when it came to using it she didn’t have a fear of it. Best advice ever. This product will be one of the first things I recommend to any first-time parent. Parents dread that first illness their little one gets, but I personally think that with the help from the snotty your little one will be on the mend in no time.


  1. Wilde Blends

I have so many of these oils but the ones that help us during cold season are; Sleepy, Immune, Wilde Winter Chesty Rub, Uplift.

IMG_4657Sleep: Obviously helps you and your little one get some much-needed rest.

Immune: This one helps boost your Immune system to fight back.

Wilde Winter Chesty Rub: Helps support your respiratory system and helps lessen congestion with its amazing eucalypts and tea tree scent.

Uplift: This one always makes me feel happier. I feel it’s just that little boost I need when I am feeling so run down.


  1. Antibacterial Mouth wash

It’s a little known fact that the only way the flu can enter the body is through the mouth, nose or throat. Every time I get a cold I get a sore through and half the time they turn into Tonsillitis for me. So gargling with antibacterial mouth wash or saltwater is super important to try and keep my throat clear and kill as many of those horrible little germs as possible.IMG_4654


  1. Cold & Flu medication

This one is a given. I’m a nurse, of course, I believe in medication. We always have some in our first aid kit so at the first sign on a cold we get on top of it straight away.


  1. Fluids, Fluids & more Fluids.

I am a true believer that Water and lots of it should be a big part of everyday life (even though I’m always forgetting to drink it) but when sick it’s even more important. I always say to people flush a cold with fluids.  When you have a runny nose or the sweats that come with a fever it’s so important to rehydrate. It’s also a proven fact that fluids help loosen mucus and relieve congestion. It doesn’t always have to be water either; fresh orange juice is a great way to get some extra vitamin c into your body as well.  It’s recommended that you drink roughly 2Liters a day. But please don’t overdo it as that can lead to Hyponatremia; low levels of salt in the blood.


I hope this list helps you get through those horrible days and nights.

And if in doubt, please see your local GP. There is nothing in this world more important than your health and the health of your little one.

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30 Day Self Care Challenge.

‘You can’t pour from an empty Cup’

With Andrew starting anew job and me spending all my time with millie and keeping the house clean I have been feeling like nothing more than a mum. And let’s be honest that’s IMG_4514not really a bad thing, but I have been neglecting myself.

So when I saw the stunning, mindful Brooke Styles promote a ‘Self Care Challenge’ she had created I knew I had to jump
on board straight away.

As you can see the list is some of the simplest things that I as a mother normally rush through or just don’t do at all. But the last 4 days I have taken the time for myself. Most of them take 10-15 minutes. It’s not an unreasonable amount of time to put into yourself each day. It’s made me more aware of taking enjoying the simple things like a hot shower and not rushing through it to get Millie ready for bed.

This challenge isn’t only for mums (although I highly recommend it) but for anyone who is putting their all into work, study, or even just over the same thing day in and day out. Pop over to Instagram and jump on board. Doesn’t have to be this one. There are 100’s out there that you can do. But I think it’s important that we all take a little bit of time each day for our own mental health.


You can’t pour from an empty cup…

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Tasman Dream: Day 8

Saturday 19thJanuary, 2019

Today we explored Hobart. Starting with the stunning Salamanca Markets. They seemed img_1193to go on forever. They had everything. I’m not going to lie Andrew and I started our Gin tastings a bit earlier than usual (9am).

Then Andrew and I went back to the room to let Millie have a sleep and let us have a bit of relaxing time. I fell asleep for a good hour. Then we took to the streets again for some more exploring.

We had a lobster lunch at the pier then a walk through img_1182the park. We met everyone at Lark for a drink and then back to the dock to grab some dinner from the boats along the water. They stuffed up our order but it was still a good night and the food was pretty good.

Heading to bed now for an early night before our big day tomorrow at Port Arthur. It should be amazing.

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Tasmanian Dream: Day 6

Thursday 17thJanuary, 2019

Today was a quiet day. We checked out of the cabin after breakfast and headed towards Strahan for Lunch with everyone. Stopping at a few small towns along the way and even checking out the Tasmanian Historic Museum in Zeehan. Millie loved the stairs and the trains the most.

We stopped at the local pub in Strahan for lunch with everyone then back in the car for another 2 hours. We popped in to check out the Wall at Derwent Bridge. It was a gallery, created by Greg Duncan, the contained the most amazing wooden carvings I have ever seen. It took both Andrews breath and mine away. I recommend it to anyone who is in the area. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.

Then back in the car and out to Bronte Park for the night. So much driving today. Not looking forward to having to get back in the car tomorrow but will be for half the amount of time, thank goodness.

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Tasmanian Dream: Day 4

Tuesday 15thJanuary, 2019

After having spent the night at Devonport, we got on the road and headed to Cradle facetune_21-01-2019-16-22-33Mountain today. Can’t believe tomorrow is the big day. It has come up so quickly.

We stopped in at Tasmazia along the way. This cute little place was off the beaten track a little but was worth it. It consisted of a huge Maze that took you to all these different facetune_21-01-2019-16-21-52areas. There was a little village and the worldwide embassies in miniature form. Millie loved them the best. There was more lavender, a spook house, balance maze, cage maze all within the maze. Then at the very center was the teddy bears cottage. Millie had a ball walking around and spotting Paddymelons amongst the bushes.

Then back in the car for the last 30-minute drive to the mountain. Such a beautiful drive up. Before we checked into our Cabin we popped into the Devis @ Cradle to see the Tasmanian Devils. They were amazing to see.img_1081

Then we checked in to our cabin. It was beautiful. A 5-minute walk from the lodge itself. Surrounded by the most beautiful greenery I have seen. We even booked in for a little downtime in the spa just Andrew and I. We decided we were going to do a quick walk along the King Billy track to try and find the perfect place to say I do. The further I walked the more the beauty of this place took my breath away.

Andrew and I dropped Millie off with his parents and we headed to the spa. We had champagne and chocolate coated strawberries. We sat in the sauna, then the ice pool then the heated spa that was open to the elements and looked over the river and mountains. I even got a chance to lie on the bed and write my vows for tomorrow.

We met Andrews parents in the lodge for dinner. Then headed back to our cabin for our first night in true luxury. No WIFI. No reception. No TV. I could not be happier to be so isolated from technology for the next few days. It will let Andrew and I spend some quality time together before the big day.

Can not believe that we are getting married tomorrow. Now I have to try and sleep.

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Tasmanian Dream: Day 3

Monday, 14th January 2019

Yet another amazing day exploring beautiful Tasmania with our family.

facetune_14-01-2019-15-21-52After a quick and easy check out of our hotel, we started our day by exploring the beautiful Cataract Gorge (Andrew, Millie & myself).

Nothing but us, blue skies and new adventures.

The gorge was stunning. We did the short Suspension bridge walk, as Millie insisted on walking most of the way. We saw Pademelons (small wallabies) and peacocks. Millie loved the Pademelons so much. During our walk in the bottom of the gorge, we even found Scottish Thistles. I thought it was a sign. Andrew thought I was nuts. But our hotel in Launceston was DIRECTLY opposite a Bagpipe museum. If these aren’t signs that I am meant to marry my Andrew McIntyre then I don’t know what it. But to be completely honest (and kinda sappy) I’ve known with all my facetune_14-01-2019-21-27-45heart & soul that I was meant to marry him.

After the gorge, we headed to a beautiful little Swiss village called Grindelwald (yes, like the villain in Fantastic Beasts). It was stunning (as you can tell for the picture). Here we met up with both Andrew and my parents for a quick morning tea and look at a few of the little shops. Then we headed down the road to pick up some local roadside cherries before we headed out to Sheffield.

We decided (well our GPS decided) that today was the day for back roads. It was amazing to see a different side of this state than just the highways.

We were going to have lunch in Sheffield but no one was facetune_14-01-2019-15-45-44hungry so we so we had a look around at some of the shops. One of the antique shops had an old piano out the front that was meant to be played and Millie loved banging on it. She had so much fun. Just like her little one at home but bigger. We also had a look at the glass blowing and a marble maker. It was fascinating to watch.

Once we had done the rounds of Sheffield we got back in the car and headed out to Devon port for the night. We had dinner at a sushi restaurant and then took a little bit of a drive around town then called it for an early night.

Tomorrow we check in to Cradle Mountain Lodge for a few nights of luxury and our wedding. Can not believe how fast it has come up. Will keep you all posted as we draw in yet another day closer.

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