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Cold Season in the McIntyre house.

Cold Season is well and truly upon us.

Our household has been fighting for health for nearly a month now.

I thought I would do a blog for what we do to fight back. Being a nurse I know that an untreated cough can turn into a chest infection pretty quickly. So here are our top 5 must-haves to help fight back during this flu season. Hope this helps relieve some of the pain and stress that comes with these illnesses.


  1. Snotty Aspirator

Every house that has a baby or toddler needs a snotty. When Millie is sick or has a runnyIMG_4368 nose my first worry is her breathing. And this last week Millie has been so congested. Normally when she sleeps I would find myself checking her breathing every 10-15 mins but with the Snotty I don’t have to worry. This nasal aspirator is a dream. Her breathing settles down so quickly after each use. I would use it every 2-3 hours when she is really runny, or about to have a sleep, but I found Millie always going up to the draw where we kept it pointing and saying ‘More’.

When we first received it in the mail I was told to let her have a play with it so when it came to using it she didn’t have a fear of it. Best advice ever. This product will be one of the first things I recommend to any first-time parent. Parents dread that first illness their little one gets, but I personally think that with the help from the snotty your little one will be on the mend in no time.


  1. Wilde Blends

I have so many of these oils but the ones that help us during cold season are; Sleepy, Immune, Wilde Winter Chesty Rub, Uplift.

IMG_4657Sleep: Obviously helps you and your little one get some much-needed rest.

Immune: This one helps boost your Immune system to fight back.

Wilde Winter Chesty Rub: Helps support your respiratory system and helps lessen congestion with its amazing eucalypts and tea tree scent.

Uplift: This one always makes me feel happier. I feel it’s just that little boost I need when I am feeling so run down.


  1. Antibacterial Mouth wash

It’s a little known fact that the only way the flu can enter the body is through the mouth, nose or throat. Every time I get a cold I get a sore through and half the time they turn into Tonsillitis for me. So gargling with antibacterial mouth wash or saltwater is super important to try and keep my throat clear and kill as many of those horrible little germs as possible.IMG_4654


  1. Cold & Flu medication

This one is a given. I’m a nurse, of course, I believe in medication. We always have some in our first aid kit so at the first sign on a cold we get on top of it straight away.


  1. Fluids, Fluids & more Fluids.

I am a true believer that Water and lots of it should be a big part of everyday life (even though I’m always forgetting to drink it) but when sick it’s even more important. I always say to people flush a cold with fluids.  When you have a runny nose or the sweats that come with a fever it’s so important to rehydrate. It’s also a proven fact that fluids help loosen mucus and relieve congestion. It doesn’t always have to be water either; fresh orange juice is a great way to get some extra vitamin c into your body as well.  It’s recommended that you drink roughly 2Liters a day. But please don’t overdo it as that can lead to Hyponatremia; low levels of salt in the blood.


I hope this list helps you get through those horrible days and nights.

And if in doubt, please see your local GP. There is nothing in this world more important than your health and the health of your little one.

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30 Day Self Care Challenge.

‘You can’t pour from an empty Cup’

With Andrew starting anew job and me spending all my time with millie and keeping the house clean I have been feeling like nothing more than a mum. And let’s be honest that’s IMG_4514not really a bad thing, but I have been neglecting myself.

So when I saw the stunning, mindful Brooke Styles promote a ‘Self Care Challenge’ she had created I knew I had to jump
on board straight away.

As you can see the list is some of the simplest things that I as a mother normally rush through or just don’t do at all. But the last 4 days I have taken the time for myself. Most of them take 10-15 minutes. It’s not an unreasonable amount of time to put into yourself each day. It’s made me more aware of taking enjoying the simple things like a hot shower and not rushing through it to get Millie ready for bed.

This challenge isn’t only for mums (although I highly recommend it) but for anyone who is putting their all into work, study, or even just over the same thing day in and day out. Pop over to Instagram and jump on board. Doesn’t have to be this one. There are 100’s out there that you can do. But I think it’s important that we all take a little bit of time each day for our own mental health.


You can’t pour from an empty cup…

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Getting Closer to Christmas

Being Millie’s first Christmas where she will be interacting (last Christmas she was 3 weeks old) I am loving the lead-up. We have already done two Christmas shoots and I still have so many more ideas I want to try.

Here are a few from the shoots we have already done.

‘Merry & Bright’ onesie: Piper Bug

‘Pixie’ floral headband: Gracie Jane Designs

‘Australian Christmas’ Romper & Red Bow: Two of Four

‘M’ Christmas Wreath: Made myself

Lights: Kmart (who doesn’t love Kmart)

Hope you are all getting on top of your Christmas shopping early like we are. To be honest we have to be as Millie’s first birthday is only a few weeks before Christmas. Then the Wedding is a few weeks after. Organisation, is key for this chaotic time of year.

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Creating clean habits​

Having a clean house is important to me but unfortunately, we don’t always get a chance to clean up. Here are a few things we do each day to make our household that little bit less chaotic.

  1. MAKE THE BED – first thing I do every morning is make the beds. I don’t know why this one is so important to me. Maybe because even if I do nothing for the rest of the day (depending on Millie’s mood) I can say I did the bare minimum. Andrew gets up with Millie most mornings (when he’s not a gym) letting me sleep a little longer. Before I even leave our room I make our bed. I love getting into a made bed each night. This can only be made better by getting into a bed with fresh sheets (be still my beating hearts). Then Millie’s bed gets made on the way downstairs.
  2. DISHES – Andrew normally does the dishes in the morning and the evening. I love a clean kitchen, but I never get a chance to clean it. Those few time I do get a chance, everything is done. Windows, benches, cupboards. I start and just can’t stop. But I am so grateful when Andrew washes the dishes and wipes the benches.
  3. SHOES OFF – As soon as you walk in the door shoes come off in this house. Saves on vacuuming and since everything is going in Millie’s mouth at the moment this is a lifesaver. Plus the dirt up Buderim is red. I mean RED, RED. And since we have light carpets in the lounge room and bedrooms it’s a bit of a much.
  4. WASHING – We are lucking in our house as we have a laundry shoot in our bathroom, so I make a point each day to pick up the cloths from our hampers and throw then down the ‘shoot’. Even if I don’t get to put a load on every day, all the washing is in the same place and I’m not running up and down the stairs making sure that everything is there. I also don’t like the washing hanging on the back veranda too long. When in the kitchen you look straight out the window onto it and it makes me feel a little cluttered.
  5. CLEAN THE LIVING ROOM – Once Millie is down Andrew or I put everything back where it belongs. Toys in draws, pillows on couches, etc. I know it’s going to be a chaotic mess the next morning but I always feel a bit more accomplished when I know I am going to bed with a clean loungeroom. I also pick up and put things back where they belong when Millie has her naps during the day. When you walk in our house the lounge is the first thing you see, so I feel it needs to be at least somewhat presentable even to only create the illusion of a clean house.

Most people say don’t procrastinate when it comes to cleaning. However in my case when I procrastinate cleaning is the first thing I do. Just one of my habits I picked up when I was studying at university. Made it hard to get assignments done but at least the house was clean.

Hope this one has given you a minor glimpse into our cleaning time. The biggest thing I can say is; There will be days where your house is completely trashed, don’t judge yourself over these days cos we all have them. Just remember your house is your child/rens home, don’t make it a display house. Let the kids make a mess. It’s all about having fun and spending time with them. That what they will remember. The time spent making memories, not the mess.

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Photo shoots with kids

For every photo that makes the cut, there are 100’s that don’t. For any full-time child photographers, my hat comes off to you. Seriously how do you do it? And those that do family photography how do you get everyone to look at the camera and smile. Getting a decent photo fo our family I have given up on.IMG_2799

I did some early Christmas photos the other day (Romper & Bow from TwoofFour), and while yes I got a few that I can use most of them turned out like this ——————————————>

Or blurry. I shouldn’t complain too much but seriously kid, why?

On the plus side, this Mama is getting out the house tomorrow with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Dinner and wine. After the last few weeks of job interviews (didn’t IMG_2808-2get them) and a sick teething baby, constant rain and a fiance that has been snowed under with his studies.

I need a night to just reset and refresh. To put some nice clothes on and go out and have a nice dinner without a highchair and adult conversations. but let’s be honest we are both Mama’s so the conversation will probably rotate around our kids.


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Mikash Skincare -Baby Range

Baby Range Review:
Bottom Barrier Balm – We have never been big sufferers of nappy rash. However, when Millie is getting teeth we get a horrible Dribble rash. I have been using the barrier balm, for about a week, on her chin and not a sign of any rash. Normally it’s all over her chin IMG_9443and sometimes even down her neck and chest (so much dribble the bibs cannot contain) but since using the balm it has cleared up the rash she had and we haven’t seen it since.

Calming Baby Hair & Body Wash: this stuff has made bedtime a breeze. It smells amazing and helps settle Millie. For a little girl that normally fights bedtime, we have gone from a 40min minimum bedtime routine to 20min maximum. Not only is the smell relaxing but this wash has worked wonders on a horrible wind rash Millie has had on her cheeks, been using for about 2 weeks now. Her skin is super soft and she smells amazing. I’m not sure if it’s the wash or not but I have noticed that since using it her hair is growing a lot faster. Maybe a happy coincidence but you never know.

I’m sold. I thought this product line was great before but Mikash is now my go-to for all skin care need. Next on my list is the Soufle Skin Elixir.

Watch this space.

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Mama’s Nappy Bag Essentials

We all know the usual stuff found in nappy bags for bub:

Nappies – wipes – spare cloths – change mat – sunscreen – toys – food – etc.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 11.36.08 am

What do you put in your bag for you? What are your day to day needs?

So I emptied my bag out. These are the contents of my nappy bag, that are for this mama.

Let’s start with the BAG itself. I choose a bag that suits our lifestyle. There are so many bags out there to choose from. I think when it comes to choosing a nappy bag you need to think about where are you going, does it match your style, can it fit everything? The questions go on. This bag is the ‘Wild‘ print from Bondi Beach Baby. It is huge. It doesn’t have many pockets (5 in total) but I personally hate rummaging through pockets trying Facetune_22-08-2018-20-21-54to find stuff. We have clear little zippy purses that I sort all our stuff out in. As we breastfed I didn’t have a need for an insulated bottle pouch. We live near the beach so I needed something that would keep the water and the sand out. The leather is vegan and the print is just stunning. This was an easy purchase for us.

I also always carry a WRAP. This can be used for Millie but I use it to sit on, or even that little bit of extra sun protection, when draped over my shoulders. This one is also a Bondi Beach Baby in the ‘Lemonade‘ print. It’s 100% organic cotton and is perfect for our many beach trips.

Wildeblend ESSENTIAL OILS. These two I have on hand at all times. For those stressful days and any bumps bruises or bites. ‘Calm Mama‘ has been a lifesaver for me during the last few weeks of teething. I roll a simple figure 8 on my wrist and inhale. ‘Skin Relief‘ is great for so many things, Eczema, Nappy rash. But for me personally, I use it for those little bug bits. They have a great range of oils but these are my must have ready to go at all times.

My next big one is my Ever Eco Cotton Net Tot BAG. We are a household that is always trying to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. With the plastic bag ban in Queensland, this bad has saved me on those many impromptu shopping trips to grab one or two things. They have a great range of sustainable living products.

For my SKINCARE, I always have my Garnier ‘Tinted BB Cream’ (with sunscreen) and a lip balm. They are great for those days you have to rush out of the house (because you’re running late again) and you just need to feel a little bit human. I also have a deodorant in my bag cos I have forgotten to put it on sometimes during that mad morning dash.

I also ALWAYS have a SNACK for myself. The amount of times I forget to eat is unbelievable.

For my own sanity, I have added Millie’s  Logan & Alice ‘TeePee Teether‘. This teething baby will probably be the death of me.

Then there are the usuals, Sunglasses, wallet, camera, phone and, keys.

This suits our lifestyle. I would love to hear what you put in your bag for you. So leave me a comment. If you think I could use something else pop it in the comments.

We love hearing your feedback.

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