How to make: Flash cards you will use.


Some people love them.

Some people hate them.

I personally LOVE them and find them extremely useful. I have a great study group and we love going through them. I love making them. I feel that I can grasp a certain amount of the information writing it out. But the fun part is when you introduce new cards to your study group.

Here is my how-to guide for flash cards. 

Things you will need:dsc00819

  • Index Cards (assorted colors for different subjects)
  • Quality Pens and/or Markers
  • Bulldog Clips  (if you wish to keep your weeks separate)
  • Textbooks

The how-to construct, the cards themselves is pretty simple. Questions on one side. Answers on the other side.dsc00823-1

The hardest part is finding what to write. Each Sunday I read of my syllabus what we part of the ‘human body’ (or whatever subject you are creating them for) we would be focusing on that week. I skipped the whole chapter and went to the

Chapter Summary.

It covered the basics and then I could add to the week’s cards throughout the week. This way I had a basic idea of what we were studying and as I completed my readings and attended my lecture (or watched them from the comfort of my own couch) I could expand on the basic knowledge I already had.

I also found some other amazing websites that gave me some questions that I hadn’t thought of. I found they were great to just go over some different questions when I was studying alone. The website I found most useful was


All you have to do is search your topic and it will bring up numerous quizzes on just about any subject you can think of.


It took me nearly my entire degree, to find out what kind of study works best for me. Well, at least I can go back and add my midwifery component to my qualification with a better understanding of how I study best.

I hope this helps you all in some way or another.

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Tales of a high school drop-out

Thirteen years ago I dropped out of high school. I was failing, being bullied and to be honest, it wasn’t what I wanted in my life. So luckily my parents supported me as long as I had a job they didn’t mind.

So off to TAFE I went to get my Certificate III in Mechanics. But that didn’t work either. After a year in I had to get out. It too wasn’t what I wanted.

For the next 10 years, I had a bunch of dead-end jobs.

Mobile-phone technician. (5 years)

Cleaner. (years)

Kitchen Hand. (4 years)

It was during the last three years working as a kitchen hand in an aged care facility that I met this amazing girl who changed my life. She made me believe that I could do more with my life. She made me believe that I had the brains to go back to school and become a nurse.

I had to start with a bridging course which I then completed before I even told my parents that I had decided to go to University. I was terrified that I wouldn’t do well. That I’d fail at that like I had so many things over the years.

When I finally told my parents they were both speechless. They couldn’t believe that their only child to not graduate High School was now a University student studying to be a Nurse. I remember my mum getting very emotional when I told her. It was also the first time I have ever seen my dad speechless.

At the start of each semester I kept hearing in my head you will never make it to the end of this semester. You will fail again‘. Each semester I proved the voice wrong. The thing that had me dumbstruck was the fact that I wasn’t just passing I was excelling. I may not be a High Distinction student but I was up there.

With each semester the voice got dimmer and dimmer. I started hearing a new voice. Telling me that all I had to do was make it through to the end of the semester. Just 13 more weeks.

I’m in my final semester at USC and I can hear the negative voice no longer. I know I can do this. I have made it through the hardest parts of this degree. I know I can make it. Thirteen more weeks and an eight-week internship in a hospital and I will be qualified.

Not bad for a High School drop out.

I have had so many wonderful people who have supported me along the way and so many people who have inspired me to keep going. My wonderful partner has been my guiding light. When I have my semesterly break down (it happens between week 5 and 6) he has scooped me up off the bathroom floor and told me that I can do it. Not really told me but demanded it from me. He too is a student and knows the stress of University but he also knows me. He knew I could do it. He had faith in me when I had no faith.

I have these amazing people in my life but the person I must thank most is my amazing friend Samantha who once said to me ‘hey I’m thinking of going to uni come with me and let’s be better‘. She was right. We are better, Stronger for doing this. Being a mature aged student is hard but nowhere near as hard as it would be to have my future children grow up without the strong, educated woman I have now become. All due to a conversation held in a dining room three years ago.

I am strong.

can do this.

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Tales from a hopeful Nursing Student

I am loving my studies more and more, even with my moments of weakness. I have been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy this past month and I have come to the realization that my wonderful study partner, Natasha, is a gift.

She is the Meredith to my Cristina.


She is my person.

Today was amazing and has given me the strong belief that I am on the right path to becoming a nurse. My person and I were all set to study at a local coffee club when the woman at the table beside us collapsed. Within seconds I sprang into nurse mode. Calling for my partner I got the woman on the floor in the recovery position placed towels under her head and began taking her vital signs. Natasha began collecting all the things we may need. Information about any medication she was on, medical history, defibrillator (thank god we didn’t need it) while clearing the area and relaying all the information to the operator on the other end of the telephone. It was amazing.

No hesitation. 

No uncertainty in our training.  

No doubt in each other. 

We were great. 

By the time the paramedics arrived she was responsive, her pulse had risen, breathing normal and colour was returning to her face. We relayed all the information to the paramedics, one of which was also a student at our university.  As they wheeled her out, her husband embraced us and nothing needed to be said.

Once the adrenalin had slowed down we finally began out exam preparation for next week. We dominated the next few hours of study. We have this. We will be amazing.

From a Student Nurse,

who is hopeful about the future.

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