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Mikash Skincare -Baby Range

Baby Range Review:
Bottom Barrier Balm – We have never been big sufferers of nappy rash. However, when Millie is getting teeth we get a horrible Dribble rash. I have been using the barrier balm, for about a week, on her chin and not a sign of any rash. Normally it’s all over her chin IMG_9443and sometimes even down her neck and chest (so much dribble the bibs cannot contain) but since using the balm it has cleared up the rash she had and we haven’t seen it since.

Calming Baby Hair & Body Wash: this stuff has made bedtime a breeze. It smells amazing and helps settle Millie. For a little girl that normally fights bedtime, we have gone from a 40min minimum bedtime routine to 20min maximum. Not only is the smell relaxing but this wash has worked wonders on a horrible wind rash Millie has had on her cheeks, been using for about 2 weeks now. Her skin is super soft and she smells amazing. I’m not sure if it’s the wash or not but I have noticed that since using it her hair is growing a lot faster. Maybe a happy coincidence but you never know.

I’m sold. I thought this product line was great before but Mikash is now my go-to for all skin care need. Next on my list is the Soufle Skin Elixir.

Watch this space.

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Recommendations from one Mama to another.

Since Millie was born we have been using so many new products. I have even added a few new ones to my beauty routine. Many of these products are small Australian businesses. I have started writing some reviews for the products I can not live without (this will be an ongoing thing).

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The two that this Mama would not be able to live without are as followed:

Wilde Blends

We have been using these oils for a little over a week now and the change in our little teething angel is unbelievable. They have been added to our nightly routine and have made a huge difference. Steph was so easy to talk to about any concerns and has a Main_Logo_360xwealth of information on her oils.

Little Miss has always been an amazing sleeper but the moment these teeth started coming through she went from sleeping all night to waking every 2-3 hours. With the help of the ‘sleep’ and ‘teething’ oils, she is only waking up once maybe twice a night at most. We just reapply the teething oil to her jawline and normally she goes back to sleep within 5-10 minutes.

I have never been a big ‘oil’ user and have always been very hesitant to believe in them. I can tell you now. I’m converted. If you are having trouble with a teething baby or need something the calm yourself on those hectic days, I can not recommend these oils enough.


MIKASH Skincare

After having my first child I found my skin looked so dull and lifeless. I tried so many products with no luck until I found Mikash on Instagram. So I bought their ‘I am radiant’ 8FC59D2F-7E62-4B65-A206-BCE008896ED4_360xface oil. Not even a month later my skin was back to looking as good as it did in my first and second trimester.

I may not have been getting much sleep but thanks to this oil the bags under my eyes were minimal.

I have since then recommended Mikash to anyone who will listen. Don’t waste another day not using these amazing products, grab some today.

Definitely pop over to their websites and check out their range of products. I have ordered a few others so I can guarantee that more of these products will appear in some upcoming review posts. So keep your eyes open.

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