My Second Trimester

The second Trimester has been a breeze. I’m sorry to all those who have had a terrible time during pregnancy, I can’t even imagine. But I have been so lucky. I have had so much energy, healthy cravings and so much to do that the time has flown by. Yes after a hectic day on placement all I have wanted to do is go home and sleep but I imagine this is normal for all students being thrust back into full-time work.

I have had a few hard days emotionally due to things that I have seen but hormones have been in check for most of it. It helps that Andrew (your dad) is the most amazing IMG_1374man in the world. He helps with everything. But he always has. Cooking, cleaning, dropping us off and picking us up from the hospital. He has even started coming home with little presents for you. Every time he does my heart melts a little bit. At first, it was your first Broncos jersey. Then the Broncos teddy bear. Are we noticing a theme here?

You have one amazing daddy little one. The only problem we have been having is choosing your name. Mummy and Daddy just can not agree. We have a boys name if you’re a boy but girls names are very tricky. We didn’t realize there are so many people we don’t like. And the ones that we do like are very common. This has been making this a very hard choice for us.

You are growing so fast at the moment. My belly seems to have blown up at 21 weeks. I went from having this tiny little belly to something that most of my clothes won’t fit 21623942_10155260731751622_853549424_nanymore. But it’s ok you’re worth it. Our precious little Mini Mac. Also, you are moving so much now. What used to be a little flutter in my belly, have grown too big movements that Daddy can feel. I think when you start to do big kicks daddy will get more excited. Every time he puts his hands on you (mummies belly) to feel you move, you stop. Be nice to daddy, he does so much for us.

I have loved this trimester, so much. Grandma says that I’m the happiest she has ever seen me. Grandad thinks I’m glowing, and daddy and I can not believe how fast the time is going. We are at 26 weeks this week and as you can see you and mummy are growing so big. It hard to believe that 20 weeks ago you were the size of a single grain of rice. now you’re the size of a packet of Oreos. Our love for you is growing just as fast.

We can not wait to meet you. Entering our Third Trimester is so excited. Only three months left until we get to see your sweet little face and get to cover you in kisses.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 3.15.47 pm





Hormones are not fun

So my hormones are in full swing now.

I went to get cheeseburger shaker fries from MacDonalds (that’s all I wanted) and I got halfway home before I checked the bag to find the fries with no shaker seasoning. I had to pull the car over to the side of the road cos I couldn’t see through the tears.

I got home and couldn’t even eat the chips they had given me cause I was too upset so they went to the dog.

It’s funny now. But it really wasn’t at the time.

This is not the fun part.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 3.15.47 pm