Hormones are not fun

So my hormones are in full swing now.

I went to get cheeseburger shaker fries from MacDonalds (that’s all I wanted) and I got halfway home before I checked the bag to find the fries with no shaker seasoning. I had to pull the car over to the side of the road cos I couldn’t see through the tears.

I got home and couldn’t even eat the chips they had given me cause I was too upset so they went to the dog.

It’s funny now. But it really wasn’t at the time.

This is not the fun part.

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Telling your grandparents

27th March 2017

Tonight we told your Granma and Grandad tonight.

We were supposed to be having a quiet family dinner with Granma and Grandad but silly Granma invited one of the neighbors. I had to wait until Kay left before I could tell them the amazing news. I sat there quietly all through dinner without saying a word. This is not an easy task for your Mama little one.Telling Grandents

I told them I had learned a card trick while on placement and wanted to show them. But really the surprise was sitting in their cutlery drawer. I had the cutest little teaspoons made up with ‘we’re pregnant on the handle. Grandad was the first to see it. It took Granma a few seconds. I don’t remember ever seeing so much joy in your Granma’s eyes. Granma cried then I got teary. Grandad couldn’t stop smiling, this was the same for your dad.

Before you even have a proper heartbeat you are already so loved. You will bring so much joy to the world. Now to tell Nana Pink and Mac about your existence this weekend.

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Letter to baby

we are pregnantSaturday 25th, March 2017

Today I found out about your existence. Your daddy and I have planned you for only a month and now you are already here. We feel so blessed that you have been chosen to join our little family so soon.

The moment I saw that second pink line, I knew that I would do anything to protect you. I stood in the bathroom with tears in my eyes. I had so many plans for how to tell your daddy you were here. I couldn’t wait. All plans went out the window. I ran to the kitchen and with a massive smile and tears running down my cheeks I just told him.


He hugged me so tight and we knew that, although you didn’t have a heartbeat, our lives were
full of so much love. Unfortunately, your daddy wouldn’t let me tell Grandma and Grandad that you existed until we had been to see the Dr.For now, you are our little secret and in 8-9 months you will be our biggest joy. We already love you more than we ever thought we could, love something that we could not touch. Please stay healthy while on your journey into our lives, and I will do all I can to keep you safe.

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USA Rad-venture: Timeshare & the Canyon

This blog has been a long time coming (at least 6 months now) and I know that my mum of all people will be glad to see that I am finishing my USA travel blog. I wrote notes down about each day. Things i didn’t want to forget. So they won’t be as descriptive as the previous USA blogs but I hope this keeps you entertained until I can get the next one up.


14th July 2016


Today we got suckered into a timeshare breakfast. I’m not going lie it was a nice ride out, we got to see a bit more of Sin City. It was kind of interesting. We (in Australia) see these timeshare things as a bit of a con and they are always all over the TV shows that coming in from the States. To be honest the best part was the $100 gaming credit and the air con. God, it’s hot here. And such a dry heat.

After the morning oh so exciting morning out, we headed for lunch at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen.img_0302 The food was amazing. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich. I have never had such an amazing sandwich in my life. And the chips were amazing. They were all cut differently (you can kind of see them in the photo) and cooked to perfection. As per usual cocktails were to follow.

After lunch we went up the room relaxed for a bit then decided to hit the pool. It was pretty crowded so we had a bit of a swim a drink and then headed back to the room for some more relaxation before dinner.

 Didn’t do much today as tomorrow we have a big one.




15th July 2016


There are no words to describe the sheer enormity and pure beauty of the Canyon. This post will be more photos than dialogue as I have no real words to describe the magnificence.  

Early morning start. We met the bus at the Planet Hollywood sign and drove for a good 4 hours out to the Hover Dam to start with. I have seen it in so many movies but the size of it was mind-blowing. dsc00432-2

The Hoover Dam (once Boulder Dam) took 5 yearsthumb_img_0396_1024-1 to be constructed and was completed in 1936. 

The dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam used to draw power. According to our tour guide if the Dam ever broke over half the lights in Vegas would shut down. An estimated 96 men died during the construction.


I have no Idea what to write about the Canyon. I just can’t begin to explain the vast beauty. So here is a bunch of photos.


This wonderful day would never have taken place without the love and support from the McIntyre family. This was Andrew’s 30th Birthday present and he loved every moment of it. As you can see. It was hard for him to not smile in every photo, as he spent most of the day smiling. So thank you. We love you guys so much. This post is dedicated to you. 

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Progressive dinner at Eat Street Markets

Est. Nov 2013, foods from around the world. Each vendor was set up in converted shipping containers along the Hamilton Wharf. Walking into a wonderland with fairy lights to light up the night and the most wonderful smells dancing in the air.

I have wanted to go to the Eat Street Markets for a while now. Last night was my first experience. We attended the markets with my dear friend Ellyce and her boyfriend Anthony. It was magical.

We agreed upon arrival that we were going to have what we called a ‘Progressive Dinner’ as we wanted to try as much as possible. For those who are unaware, a progressive dinner where each person takes turns of choosing an item from various vendors and sharing with the group. We found this was a great way to try several different types of food rather than just having our own dinner. We also were able to try foods that we otherwise never would have.


Chicken & Lamb Sliders.

Koma Sliders

Chicken sliders – 3/5

Lamb sliders – 4.5/5

Honey Puff King

Nutella Honey Puff – 4.5/5



Chocolate & Vanilla Cannolis

Jake & Elle’s Kitchen

Chocolate Cannoli – 2/5

Vanilla cannoli – 2/5

Dumpling Envy

Chicken Dumplings – 3/5


The Doughnut Bar


Doughnut-cone & Ferrero Ice Cream

Doughnut-Cone – 2.5/5 (the cone had just a bit too much sugar on them)

Ferrero Ice Cream – 5/5

Japanese teppanyaki

Teriyaki chicken skewers – 3/5

16809092_10154661365966622_1368409304_nGinger Beer

Ginger beer – 5/5

 Mobile Mocktails

Passionfruit and Coconut – 3/5


Moreton Bay Bugs & Chips.


Catch & Kiss

BBQ Moreton Bay Bug – 4/5

Chips – 3/5

American BBQ

Sothern Style Chicken Wings – 3/5

The food was amazing and the company was even better. This may become a monthly outing for Andrew and myself. Such a great atmosphere (even with so many people) and the food, AMAZING.

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Tales of a high school drop-out

Thirteen years ago I dropped out of high school. I was failing, being bullied and to be honest, it wasn’t what I wanted in my life. So luckily my parents supported me as long as I had a job they didn’t mind.

So off to TAFE I went to get my Certificate III in Mechanics. But that didn’t work either. After a year in I had to get out. It too wasn’t what I wanted.

For the next 10 years, I had a bunch of dead-end jobs.

Mobile-phone technician. (5 years)

Cleaner. (years)

Kitchen Hand. (4 years)

It was during the last three years working as a kitchen hand in an aged care facility that I met this amazing girl who changed my life. She made me believe that I could do more with my life. She made me believe that I had the brains to go back to school and become a nurse.

I had to start with a bridging course which I then completed before I even told my parents that I had decided to go to University. I was terrified that I wouldn’t do well. That I’d fail at that like I had so many things over the years.

When I finally told my parents they were both speechless. They couldn’t believe that their only child to not graduate High School was now a University student studying to be a Nurse. I remember my mum getting very emotional when I told her. It was also the first time I have ever seen my dad speechless.

At the start of each semester I kept hearing in my head you will never make it to the end of this semester. You will fail again‘. Each semester I proved the voice wrong. The thing that had me dumbstruck was the fact that I wasn’t just passing I was excelling. I may not be a High Distinction student but I was up there.

With each semester the voice got dimmer and dimmer. I started hearing a new voice. Telling me that all I had to do was make it through to the end of the semester. Just 13 more weeks.

I’m in my final semester at USC and I can hear the negative voice no longer. I know I can do this. I have made it through the hardest parts of this degree. I know I can make it. Thirteen more weeks and an eight-week internship in a hospital and I will be qualified.

Not bad for a High School drop out.

I have had so many wonderful people who have supported me along the way and so many people who have inspired me to keep going. My wonderful partner has been my guiding light. When I have my semesterly break down (it happens between week 5 and 6) he has scooped me up off the bathroom floor and told me that I can do it. Not really told me but demanded it from me. He too is a student and knows the stress of University but he also knows me. He knew I could do it. He had faith in me when I had no faith.

I have these amazing people in my life but the person I must thank most is my amazing friend Samantha who once said to me ‘hey I’m thinking of going to uni come with me and let’s be better‘. She was right. We are better, Stronger for doing this. Being a mature aged student is hard but nowhere near as hard as it would be to have my future children grow up without the strong, educated woman I have now become. All due to a conversation held in a dining room three years ago.

I am strong.

can do this.

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Personalizing​ my Kikki-K Planner

I posted previously about my love for the Kikki-K planner, this then led to a day spent in my sunroom with two girlfriends and our planners. We spent a delightful afternoon making our own dividers and personalising them to suit our personalities. Here is a list of things we used:



Kate Spade paperclip.

Coloured/printed paper
Page holders

Lots of time was spent on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Pinterest is always great for an inspiration hit. Anything you need. If you don’t have an account maybe you shouldn’t start now. It’s a real addiction problem. Here are some of the other blogs we got ideas from;

   For creating our own folders we used ‘Strange & Charmed: for your quirky life http://www.strangecharmed.com/lifestyle/diy/diy-filofax-folder-divider/

   For creating our own dividers we used ‘Gav+Ro: a highly caffeinated DIY mama  http://thelilthingsblog.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/diy-planner-dividers.html

Here are some photos of my newly personalized planner. I love that I now look forward to opening it each day, to find my list of chores for the day. Having it look pretty makes you want to open your planner. It leaves you with a feeling that organization doesn’t have to be simple and dull. It can be fun and full of colour.

For other ideas I have added the link below, this will take you to my Pinterest Board for loads of other fun and creative ideas for your own planners.


Hope you have enjoyed my post about brightening up your planner.

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