USA Rad-venture: Battle at the Alamo

29th June 2016


One day in and we have explored the hell out of San Antonio Downtown. We woke before the sun and watched it rise over the city from our room. It was the perfect start to our day. We finally dragged ourselves from the bed and started to get lost in the streets until we found somewhere to have breakfast. On our way to breakfast, I saw my very first squirrel. It was so cute. I know the novelty will wear off but it was my first, so don’t judge me. 

This little place called Schilo’s. It was the only place we could find that was open, other than MacDonald’s, and let’s be serious who wants to fly to the other side of the world and eat something you can at home. We were both so glad we found this place. It was AMAZING. We didn’t order much but what we got was amazing and the price was so reasonable. I am really tempted to go back tomorrow, but we have a goal to eat at as many DIFFERENT places as we can.


After a wonderful breakfast, we walked a few blocks down to the Alamo. We did an Audio tour. This consists of taking a recording device around and typing in the number that is shown at each different station. It was really interesting to see where so many men died defending this country and it made me understand the saying Texas Pride just that little bit more. I was so green. Some of the most beautifully maintained gardens I’ve seen in such a long time. So much pride is taken by everyone who works there.


When our tour was over we walked to the local shopping center and looked for somewhere to have lunch. That’s when I spotted Tony Roma’s seafood and Ribs. and yes we ordered our first Texas ribs. It was to die for. They don’t lie things really BIGGER in Texas. So as you can probably guess neither Andrew or myself were able to finish our meals but we tried. So hard. Didn’t want to waste any of it. Then it was down to the River Walk for a boat tour of the San Antonio River. Our tour guide Juan was so funny. He knew everything about the city and how to make it interesting for tourists. The river walk is so beautiful. I wish I could walk it every day. Full of so much life and color. So much life.


We are currently relaxing in our air conditioned room. It’s 35 degrees outside but the humidity is 63%. So anywhere we can stay cool at the moment. We will be heading out later for some dinner and an evening of exploring since it’s our last night in the city before we pack up and hit the road to see more of Texas. Still not 100% sure where just yet but we have a few places we want to visit. First thing on our list is to visit a Wallmart. Can not wait to see the crazy in that place. I see it all over facebook can’t wait to see it in real life. 

This wasn’t my first Squirrel but still super cute!!!

I hope you are all enjoying our antics and adventures. If anyone has any suggestions for things to do in Texas please let us know. We are always asking. 

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